Online Coursework

Michelle Lynn Gill, Ph.D.

Biophysicist and Data Scientist

Links are provided to completion certificates.

Andrew Ng
This is a five course specialization utilizing Python and TensorFlow that teaches theoretical and practical aspects of deep learning.

Machine Learning
Stanford University, Andrew Ng
This eleven-week course course is focused on the theoretical foundations of machine learning and includes weekly lectures, quizzes, and graded homework. Matlab/Octave is used. Certificate

Mathematical Biostatistics Bootcamp I
Johns Hopkins University, Brian Caffo
This is a challenging, four-week statistics course utilizing biomedical case studies as a teaching basis. Certificate

Data Science Specialization
Johns Hopkins University, Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Brian Caffo
This is a nine course specialization with additional capstone project. Each four-week course involves weekly lectures and quizzes, as well as peer-assessed projects. The R programming language is used.

Machine Learning Foundations Specialization
University of Washington, Emily Fox and Carlos Guestrin
A machine learning specialization utilizing Python as the foundation language. Each course involves weekly lectures, quizzes, and homework.